I'm making a racing-based board/tabletop game for a math project! Help me refine it.

A few days ago I posted about a school project. Now, I’m making it a bit realer.

Here’s my rickety draft:

  • 2 to 10 players
  • Players have limited units of fuel to spend per turn and a fixed stock of fuel for the race
  • For each roll of die (pair of 6-side die), player spends x unit of fuel to move x places forward
  • Player can choose to either refuel after completing a lap, or stay out
  • If pitting for fuel, player is held for one turn, then released
  • Each lap represents one hour
  • If player runs out of fuel mid-race, game over
  • Winner is first past the finish line after x amount of laps

So far my biggest problem is how overtaking will work if two players share the same spot (it’d have sorta like a wire maze mechanic), as well as things like rain racing, and other extra “hazards”. I want the game to be as simple as possible (just two lanes) so it’s easy to pick up, which is why I simply used a fuel system instead of something more intricate, but depth and replayability should be maintained.


Note: we’re not actually making the game yet, only a sort of manual or readme explaining what it is and what the rules are. If this is successful, I attempt to make a twin game based on MotoGP.

Fire away with your suggestions! I’m looking forward to it.

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