I'm making French 75s tonight

I was going to try and do things tonight, but the weather didn’t cooperate. Offered to help a friend change the rear calipers on his E30, but I had completely forgotten about that. So I was a bit surprised when I got a text about it at noon, but I got changed into my work clothes and headed over to his house. We got the calipers changed and I headed home around 3:30, that’s when it started to open up. I had been invited to a baseball game tonight, but know that the weather was looking iffy, so I made backup plans. Ran some errands earlier and had gotten supplies for French 75s. If you’re wondering what goes into a French 75:


So since I got home, I’ve been playing some COD blackout and made a couple French 75s. Not the worst evening ever.

If you’re wondering the origin of the name of the drink, it’s named after the 75mm howitzer the French used during WWI. Here’s one I saw in the Imperial War Museum:

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