We’ll see how this goes.

I let it soak in the rum for an hour and after an hour in the oven at 300°F I just had to take a peek:

Far from done, but the boozy smell with ham smell is rather intoxicating.

Ok so 1 hour later we have this lovely specimen:


My whole kitchen smells of rum now. At 120° we still have at least another hour to go. Will report back then.

One more hour in the oven produced this:


Still not up to temp, so back in it goes for another hour. This time it has company:


Another hour has passed and holy fuck, my whole house smells like a fucking luau. Behold:


So, after I poured the juice into a container to save for tomorrow. I put the ham onto an improvised cooling rack made of salad forks on a baking sheet for it to cool down significantly before I put it in the refrigerator. Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to Rum Ham:

Yeah I sampled a few pieces, and yes it is absolutely beautiful.