I've been watching the live stream from whatever time I wake up til the day is over, it really seems like one of those bucket list events. I know of one guy who brought his marauder in years prior (but is running a mustang GT/CS this year since his marauder is down) and someone else is running a 03 crown vic this year (that ran a 13.58 on spray).

I have to look into the rules more but I figure I could fit into the "daily driver" class just fine and hopefully if I get everything I want squared away on my car I should, should be able to post some consistent 11.8-12.0's next year. I've already been thinking about what type of spare parts I'd bring along with me, I'm pretty confident my car could make a thousand + mile trip and make at least 1 run every day. I know I wouldn't have a chance in hell at winning seeing what other cars are going up but I know I could do pretty well and it certainly would be an experience.