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I'm not a fan of today's AOTD

So now, I'm going to defend every vehicle on that list, one by one, using some of the anti-Jalop values that I hold.

Range Rover: The article implies that the people who buy the Range Rover buy it because it's the most capable off-road vehicle in the world, and they want to be perceived as such. While the Rover is one of the best 4x4s money can buy, the people who buy it (at least the ones I know) generally don't give a damn. They're not trying to pretend to be explorers or mountaineers or anything like that. They bought the Range Rover because Americans like SUVs, and the Range Rover is also one of the most competent on-road SUVs you can buy. It's a superb luxury car, that's why people buy it. So unless we're prepared to call every SUV that never goes off-road a "poser" vehicle, leave the Range Rover alone. Futhermore, everyone knows nobody takes a 100k vehicle off road, so nobody buys a Range Rover planning to fool people.

BMW M4 Convertible: This article seems to make the assumption that everyone values the rigid, stiff handling advantage of a hardtop, and anyone who would prefer the open-air experience to a convertible at the expense of said rigidity must be wrong. That's just silly. Even among M4 owners, not everyone needs a hardcore track car. Some want a fast, sporty luxury car, but they also want a convertible because, get this, some people like convertibles. Not everyone has to value the same things in a car as you do.

Honda Pilot: Yeah, so a minivan is more practical, but there are many Americans, myself included, that don't want to drive a minivan. They're not pretending to be cool or rugged, they just don't want a van.


Fart Can Exhaust: These annoy me, but I guess some people like them. That's fine by me.

Ferrari California: What exactly is wrong with the Californa? No, it's not the fastest Ferrari, nor is it a track day thoroughbred. But it is an excellent GT car, and once again, being a convertible does not make it wrong. If anyone would care to explain how it isn't a real Ferrari, go ahead.


Hybrid Luxury SUV: They get better fuel economy than a non-hybrid. Given the choice between two identical vehicles, but one gets 25% better MPG, even some rich people will choose the better MPG version. Also, California HOV laws and other govt. hybrid advantages. Better an Escalade Hybrid than a regular one.

Mercedes G63. I like this SUV, but I can't argue a lot. I'd like to think other people buy it because they like it too, but yeah, most of them buy it to look cool.. Moving on.


Lamborghini Aventador: This argument could be applied to any super car. Every super car has an equal ratio of owners who cruise around fancy neighborhoods and those who love cars and enjoy driving.

Brodozer: Yeah, they're awful and obnoxious. Some owners of these vehicles, however, do love them as much as we love our cars, and do take them off-road, though not in the same sense we do. Some of them are just posing, however.


Bugatti Veyron: See Aventador.

To elaborate, here are my values I listed a while ago that makes me dislike this list:

I like the G63 AMG.

I think creature comforts and optional extras are often a good thing.

I do not object to the idea of using a luxury car/sports car/SUV as a commuter/DD. Don't listen to people who complain about "wasting a car's potential". Drive whatever makes you happy.

I don't mind crossovers.

Someone driving a lousy a certain car doesn't mean they have bad taste or aren't smart, it means cars aren't their thing.


Basically, my point is: Not everyone values the same thing in a car that we do, or uses them how we would use them. That does not make them a poser, or anything else. Maybe they are, but not just because they drive an XYZ. Many of the cars on this list are cars I, an enthusiast, would drive. I'm not asking you to agree with me, or to like/buy any of these cars. But I am asking for people to understand that people don't buy 4x4s just to drive up trials, and people don't buy sports cars just to do track days. Every car on that list made one of those two assumptions (apart from the fart cans). So please, think a little before you turn a stereotype a judgement of someone's character.

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