So we took a trip to Kansas City for the renaissance festival (excuse to see old friends really). Me, the wife and our two dogs in the Dakota, camper in tow. Since the Dak handled the trip to Estes Park without question, I really figured this would be pretty cake. We dropped 5,000 ft overall, what could go wrong?

We left the house at 11 AM. Things went wrong pretty much the second we passed from Colorado into Kansas. Stopped for a fill-up in Burlington, hit the road and fifteen miles later the Dakota starts running hot. Pulled off, checked fluids, everything good. Just running hot. Stopped in WaKeeney for another top-off (the wife doesn’t like to get under 1/2 tank when towing) and, during the short drive into town the truck cools off just freakin’ fine. Figuring we’re good, we head out again.

Truck still hot. We start running the heater to extract; thankfully it was a cool day. Anyhow, that continues until we reach our destination - Leavenworth, KS - at 10:30 PM after stops in Salina and Topeka.

The return trip was more of the same. Left Leavenworth at 11 AM, truck immediately gets to the “we could be too hot” stage pretty much as we hit the freeway. This continues the entire trip through Kansas which, let me tell you, could be the worst thing because trying to keep freeway speeds (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) whilst driving with the heat on, windows partially opened, 60MPH side-wind blasting you in the goddamn face is fucking the worst, guys. It’s the worst.

But hot. Truck was running hot. Stops in Topeka, Salina, Hays, same thing. Hot. I resigned myself to the fact that I’ve done some sort of major damage to the truck and, well, thankfully camping season is pretty over.


Stop in Burlington for a final top-off and the last drag home. Apparently the truck just fukkin’ hates Kansas because from there to Denver the temp gauge never went past 1/2. Even with the AC blowing. Just like the trip out. What the fuck, truck.

(Oh we did have fun at the ren fest and we went to Geeks who Drink at Double Shift Brewery, which was cool because we won but now we’re out-of-towners with a $20 gift card to a shop we may never get to again. Fun times)