I'm not dead...update.

Feeling maybe 40% better. Headache is mostly gone - just a dull ache now. Still have cold chills and cold sweats but not feeling achey/faint all over/lightheaded anymore. Finally went to the hospital yesterday morning. Slept almost all of Saturday other than 3-4 hours.

Had a fever just on the cusp of 104. Doctor sad to go home and either sleep or ‘now would be a good time to binge Netflix”, heh. Lots of water or orange juice with Vitamin C was called for too, plus chicken noodle soup.

Dropped in and picked up 3 cartons of orange juice and 3 cans of Chicken Noodle soup on the way home from the hospital. She gave me a prescription for antibiotics, but told me to ‘sit on it’ for a day or two to see if I’d get better without it. Hadn’t eaten anything all Saturday so managed a can of Chicken Noodle soup yesterday between lunch and supper. Slept most of the day again. Was told to not go to work for the next two or three days. Luckily my brother was free to cover my sub teaching job today (he is also a sub teacher) and I am not booked anywhere tomorrow, so I should be able to take these two days off.

Feeling better enough today to at least sit on my laptop this morning and do things...my apologies to those of you I never answered your comments in my last post, but I appreciate the replies :)

Just glad to be finally on the mend....I almost never get sick, so for this to hit me this suddenly and this hard is really uncommon and frustrating for me!

FSR Tarpan for your time...

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