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I'm not done bragging about my day today.

Is driving the ring as your first track day a stupid idea? Probably, but when in Luxembourg [for work], do as Oppos do and visit the ring. What I didn’t expect was for it to live up to every expectation.

6:00AM - Wake up in Luxembourg.

6:30AM - Depart Luxembourg for Nurburg. There were good times and bad. Bad was dense fog. Good was de-restricted autobahn!


8:00AM - Arrive at RSR Nurburg

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When it comes to the driver briefing, RSR nails it. It’s the perfect mix of “take this seriously” and “have fun”. When I booked, I added a lap with an instructor. It took a while for an instructor to come free but once he did, he (Terry) was great. I recommend that if you are going for the first time - it’s a jump start to getting a feel for the car while someone else augments your brain with track knowledge.

I didn’t record that lap, but I did record the next three!

The video is 35 minutes but here’s the skinny: The VW Scirocco GTS is a fun car to flog around the track. This car had about 10k KM on it, which means it’s probably done the ring about 400 times. That’s insane. The brakes did fade a bit on the final lap but I was pushing hard at the start. The most glorious part of today? Basically no traffic. Nearly dry track.

Noon: After turning the car back in, I got back in my rented Volvo V40 D2 and drove around. Guess what? This place is amazing. Even the town of Adenau has car stuff everywhere. The best way I can describe it is... imagine your favorite ski area with the closest few towns. You know, the towns where all the hotels and shops cater to the local mountain? Well, that’s what it’s like here, except it’s auto-nirvanna.

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Still deciding on what to do tomorrow! The best part of this trip is not having a super set plan.

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