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*Edit: It looks like it is actually the real deal. I was working off of the low quality pictures from earlier today. C&D


There is something that is bothering me about the 2014 WRX Concept. There aren't any seams between the front fender and front bumper or rear quarter panel and rear fender. Most Subaru Concepts have bumper seams, just like the production version would. The only concepts that don't have these seams are the ones that aren't destined for production ( The Viziv, for example). If you look closely at the original images on the front page, you can almost see a faint line where it looks like those seams were covered over (photoshopped?)

The rear deck lid and C pillar also don't sit quite right for me. They look to be almost a perfect match to the deck lid and C pillar off of the 2012 Impreza Concept (which I have ghosted into the image above). The deck lid, especially the back, matches better than the C pillar, but the resemblance is still there. If Subaru went through all of the trouble to not derive the styling from the current Impreza, why does it have an Impreza C pillar and deck lid?


I'm not saying that the leaked concept photos are definitely fake, but I'm not sure if they are real either. If they are fake, the person responsible went through a lot of trouble to produce them, as there are several views. I might be over analyzing this.

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