1955 ex-fisheries patrol boat, 6-71 detroit, all wood, sleeps 4.....$8200 CAD.

The main reason I’m not buying this, like an insane person, is because of running and moorage costs. It’s 42 feet long, so the cheapest moorage I can find is on the Sunshine Coast, for just over $3000/year. Anything closer to me is more like $6000/year. So I would need to take a ferry to use my boat, which is nuts. Even with the diesel, from what I’ve read about 6-71s in decent size boats, I think the best fuel economy I could manage would be 10, maybe 9 gph. Cruising around 10 knots or so. That works out to about $55/hour to run, and you’re not covering much distance in that hour.

Oh well/thank god for my bank account.

This is what happens when I’m off work, I come close to making amazing/terrible decisions...


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