I'm not good at math... someone check my work.

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Measure 3-547 claims an added cost of less than $10/mo for the “average” homeowner in Lake Oswego factored at $1.64 per $1,000 of property value puts the average home value of Lake Oswego at approximately $73,000.


There’s just one problem... The average home value in Lake Oswego is $653,500 according to Zillow. That tacks on $89.31 to LO’s already outrageous property taxes. Even with my shitty broken down “cheap” house, I’m looking at an additional $38 on top of the $380/month that’s already stolen from me. A full 10% increase.

I bought this stupid house because of the schools, and I want to support the schools, but it looks like the folks behind this are being deceptive. Please point out the holes in my logic, because I feel like I can’t possibly be right about this.

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