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I'm not made for monthly payments

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Recently (March) I got a 2019 Honda Jazz in the company scheme. It’s all included: maintenance, insurance, and taxes. I think I made a good deal, as I sold my 320d Touring with some profit, and the first year of insurance is insanely high in the UK.


God, how I miss the 2003 BMW. Don’t get me wrong: Honda is a good car. Legroom is massive, and all passengers ride with comfort. But it’s boring as hell. Driver comfort isn’t great. The suspension is too focused on urban use, so it struggles on motorways, as does the weak 1.3 engine.

But the worst thing: monthly payments. They’re affordable and make sense, but I had so many setbacks with finance back in Brazil that I am now traumatized. It’s a punch in the stomach every month the payment is taken from my salary. I can’t wait to complete 1 year with the car, so I can return it and get my insurance bonus and go back to a sub-£5000 car. Really.

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