Going straight trough an intersection earlier today, I has a car seemingly come out of nowhere and nearly hit me from the left. I felt bad about not seeing it, even though it had to have run a red light. Reviewing my dash cam I feel less bad:

Video is too short to bother posting but here’s the breakdown:

Approaching red light, no cars making left turns from the other way (left turn light had been green for them, but the car on the right was the last one through):


Light turns green, white car stops in oncoming left turn lane:

Grey car next to white car decides to make an illegal left turn from a straight only lane, cutting in front of white car:


My dashcam doesn’t have the FOV to show just how close we were to a collision, but you can see him looming closer in the corner:


Blurry Marauder sighting for your time:

Confession: I really don’t like the Panthers, not even the Marauder


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