I was hoping to have a loaner car to do an AMA about, and also to drive to and from work in, but they didn’t have one. This is especially irritating, since I was told they would have a loaner available for me. The service advisor, who wasn’t even ready to see me when my appointment was, reluctantly got me a ride in their courtesy car. Their driver was apparently brand new, and not very good....it’s a 10 minute drive to my work, and he almost got in two accidents. So yeah. Hopefully they treat my car well, I don’t want to get it back with a creaky dashboard, but I’m kinda worried...

Worth nothing: I’m young, so I wasn’t expecting brilliant treatment, but it’s still disappointing to get treated like a nuisance when I’m bringing my car in so they can replace a potentially deadly airbag.

Edit* I’m now even less impressed, although it’s not quite their fault. While they were doing the recall that involves reprogramming the PCM, the tablet froze and wiped the PCM. So now my car doesn’t do anything. They at least started off with saying I wouldn’t be charged for anything, including a loaner car for as long as it takes them to get me a new computer. So now I’m a weird mix of annoyed that they killed my PCM, but appreciating the suddenly quite good customer service.

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