I'm not ready for this.

I’m supposed to fly to Monterrey in a few days and I’m not mentally prepared for it.

How dare they have tall buildings! I thought only we had them!
Look at this abomination... license plates should only have six digits/letters.
Much better!

I like Mexico City just fine, thank you.

Keep your wide boulevards, reasonable zoning laws, and tall government offices, I’d much rather be in a city where I can’t count the amount of Metro lines with one hand, buildings are sinking, and most of the sinking buildings house the govt. bureaucrats.

I like my political parties yellow, my local governments as boroughs, and my Quesadillas with cheese.

A surprisingly accurate map of how my fellow chilangos feel.

I reserve myself all the elitism because, come on, even at 4.3 million people, everything looks tiny compared to Mexico City, have you even gotten fibre optic internet yet?

Oh you have? huh, how civil!

I bet its easier to install it with such short buildings!

Oh, you also have skyscrapers...

Sure, Monterrey is OK. But it’s not my cup of tea. Perhaps Monterrey is like Mexico’s Germany (Sorry, Puebla) and if I can steal an analogy from Jeremy Clarkson: you don’t go to Germany on vacation, sure its clean and everyone is just dandy, but you’d go to France or Italy!


But I need to settle down, I can’t change my destiny, I’ll be prepared to face this, chin up! But first lets research and prepare:

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