Its hard to look at Porsche’s lineup and not imagine that they would want some sort of car in between the current 911 and the Panamera. Yes, this is me doing my best Wobblesthemind impression.

I imagine two scenarios for filling that gap.

First, the Panamera gets a wheelbase and length trim. Becomes a modern 928, FR coupe, but with a better back seat accommodation than the current 911. 911 stops it’s growth pattern. I imagine something in size and shape to the Mission E but with one engine.



Second, they could transform the 911 mid engine car into the current lineup. The rear engine 911 grows an additional few inches to complete its transition to grand tourer. From a packaging perspective it makes less sense if you believe that even the mid engine 911 must have 4 seats; and conversely, if it only has two, then isn’t it just an evolution of the cayman?

But packaging aside, the second idea makes more sense to me. The first idea, you are going through all the growing pains of a new model like was done with the Macan and Panamera. Whereas with the second, the mid engine 911 carries enough cache and relation to the original that it would be fine; and lots of people have said the 911 is a more grown up grand tourer ever since the 996/997/991, so what’s a little more size and sophistication?