If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

I'm obviously a Ford Guy, but...

This thing is B E A U Tea full. A ‘70 C10, 2wd, long box, with a 350, and THREE ON THE TREE! And it’s a subjectively awful gold color, but I think it adds ti the character of the truck. On and it’s got an awesome ladder rack too!

I’m loving the big blue bow tie. I’d prefer an oval tho. I have always liked the look of the 67-72 C10 those blinkers hidden in the grill bar are genius.

Mmmm ladder rack. Idk why but I love the look of a long box with a ladder rack.
Interior is... original but that’s not completely a bad thing.
The license plate is the same color as the truck. And Michigan oppos know what the deal is there?

CL Ad.


There’s actually a very similar one for sale in Minnesota too.


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