Took the day off work.

Enjoying an Innis & Gunn (their original) and am waiting for a lasagna to cook.

This is pretty much my ideal day off.

For all the problems in my life, I need to remember that overall it’s pretty damn good. Anything I need, I can get, what I want and can’t get tends to be an unnecessary luxury (e.g. a Singer 911), and I have enough time off and pay to take a nice, long trip abroad every year. Plus, I have days like today where I can dick around and get paid to do so.


Still, I can’t help but feel something is missing. At this point, I’ve spent half of my life with depression and sometimes it’s tough to understand why I keep living. No, I’m not going/planning to hurt myself or anyone, it’s more of an existential “why am I alive”. This kind of weird self-reflection always happens on my birthday.

Anyway, it’s time for some day drinking, Super Mario Maker 2, maybe some Destiny 2, and maybe some more self reflection. I hope yall Oppos are doing well today.

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