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I'm officially done today

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I just hung up with a member (again, I work for AAA) who just recently bought a 2016 Ford C-Max (not an Energi like the one pictured). She said that she hasn’t needed to put gas in it she she bought it. I’m assuming because its a hybrid with good MPG’s or she doesn’t drive much. She stated that the vehicle wouldn’t, and I quote these are her exact words, “it won’t let me put gas.” I was immediately irked by her stupidity and tried to get clarification on what she meant. She said it again “it wont let me put gas in it.” She wanted us to send out someone that could specifically deal with hybrid vehicles. She became mad when I told her we don’t send out service for different types of vehicles specifically. Its just roadside assistance in general. “Well what am I paying you for then?” she says. I just stayed quiet as she said got mad and hung up.


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