Last week, I posted about the cornucopia of refurbished old watches being sold on eBay by watchmakers in India. Since then, I bought two watches from that post, for $14 and $15. Now I have a few I’m watching for my wife, and I’m trying to decide on one more for me. I have a problem.

I’ve been on this kick of buying not-round watches, because I have a few round ones, and I want not-round ones. But rather than get one nice-ish decent new one for like $200 or more, I found these cheap eBay ones. These are my round watches, nothing super fancy but I think nice enough:

I’ve now bought these couple watches for myself from my last post:


I’m limiting myself to one more, and that’s it. Even though they’re cheap. Oh and I’m picking up a couple for my wife, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Help me pick my last (for now) watch!

The Tressa Laser Beam watch at the top of this post is kinda cool, gives me a bit of Men in Black kinda vibe, but not really something I see myself actually wearing. Here are some I’ve got in my eBay watchlist:


Citizen 1

Citizen 2


Seiko 1

Seiko 2


Which watch should I get?