to fix the Quest.....and I need help. repost for the day crowd cuz I still havn’t found the parts

I need a cat-back system. My go to RockAuto doesn’t have it. The only other part I’ve found is almost $600


Yes yes, it would be awesome to put that on the minivan, but if i was going to put go fast items on something, it wouldn’t be the van, and my wife would probably complain louder than the new exhaust and I’d be replacing it again.

This is the actual part the is leaking :


but from my wife’s trip over the curb a few months back, the cat-back system is welded to that part, so i have to replace both that and the cat-back. I’m having a tough time finding cat-back system. Help!!!!!!!!!!


2012 Nissian Quest 3.5L

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