So I’m in the middle of moving from Alaska to Spain for the air force and I’m taking some leave in California with family. We’ve been borrowing my mother-in-law’s HondaFit and I gotta say, damn I like it!

It’s a 2015 Honda Fit with the CVT and navigation but what really got me happy was taking it all over the back roads that are unpaved. It climbs up hills no problem and if it was mine and not my wife’s moms car, it would have been sideways on some of those turns as well!

Here’s me with he car. On then freeways it can get between 45 and 55 mpg (90+ if you’re going downhill) and it apparently will shut off cylinders when it goes above 60mph. But today, my wife’s family and mine went fishing (well, at least we tried to) and on the way back, we took a dirt road home that would have been fun in a Jeep. That road probably doesn’t see many FWD vehicles. We took it a little slow being that it wasn’t mine but still had fun anyways!


We stopped at this overlook right before the end of the dirt road and took some pictures. I figured you guys mig like a story about a car going somewhere that it wasn’t designed for. I know I love those stories!

P.S.: Towels in the rear windows work way better than those suction cup window blinds things!