I'm "out" aka posting as a "journalist"

So this whole automotive journalism thing, it's not easy. I could write several pages how tough it was producing our first video release. You can film for two full days and realize you still need more footage. Then you need voice overs, music, transitions, etc. But it's also a lot of fun, and in talking to our resident scofflaw Patrick, he advised that going by your real name at a certain point makes sense. So I'm officially "out" on Oppo. I even joined the Tweeter. I know, I need to get busy posting stuff on there.

Special thanks to Oppo for the good feedback on our video. Random FP crazies aside (I sure get called a "douche" a lot), it was very helpful and will assist us in focusing our edits on part 2 which is coming soon. I'm not Matt Farah, but neither was he at first. Well, he was, but..well you get my meaning.


Anyway, look forward to writing and producing more of this stuff in the future for RFD and Oppo/Jalopnik. Here's what's coming up:

  • Obviously Part 2 of our FoST vs. E46 M3 video is coming very soon. We'll be taking both cars autocrossing and will provide a final recommendation!
  • A brand new grey S5 Cabriolet is in the garage and have a lot of video already of the DSG car driving through DC.
  • Ever seen a track prepped Twin Turbo SN95 Mustang? We have, but the owner just swapped all that FI plumbing for something...better. Details of both configurations, driving impressions, and video coming soon (OMG teaser!).
  • Remember when the 911 Turbo was a manual? We do, and we have the keys to a loaded silver 997 Turbo.

So if you all have any things you would want to know about these fine vehicles, let me know. Or if you have any interesting comparisons or tests you would like to see, fire away. We're not in the queue for press cars. Yet. But you never know!


Will the Opponaut formerly known as thedriver

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