Some of you might of seen my post I made earlier about being in the ER. I just wanted to let yall know that I'm alive and I'm out! Also I wanted to let yall know what happened. Basically what happened was last night my dog who I've had for 12 years suddenly passed away while at the vet. I however didn't find out about this until today when my grandma came to my house to tell me. After she told me about it, I started to feel sick and sat down. Next thing I know I wake up on the floor with my grandma freaking out that I had fainted, falling out of the chair and bashed my head into the ground. Apparently I was also having a minor seizure so she called 911. When we got to the hospital they checked me out, they said it basically resulted from anxiety and stress. However apparently there's nothing wrong so they released me under the condition that I'm suppose to be on bed rest for today and tomorrow.