So far, I’ve been to one dealer and I’m at the independent shop that fixed my Astra two years ago now. ‘57-58 Chevy I saw down the street from my school for your time.

The dealer quote for a new bumper cover, grille shutter, and fog lights and labor was a whopping $2100!! I wasn’t expecting that number at all.

Don’t know what the independent number will be, but I have a contingency plan if this fails. One of my ST friends has offered his bumper to me for $200 when he gets a new one and the old one repaired. I’ll have that one repainted, order new fog lights and such and do the work myself.


You know the unusual cruel twist about this all? The incident with my Astra happened January 26th, 2014. The ST’s was February 26, 2016. Two years and a month exactly. Maybe blue FWD hatchbacks aren’t for me....Live and learn.