(Personal Rant Below - GIS “Angry Car” for your time)

My 12yo daughter was in the gym locker room changing at school...

Classmate decided to take a friend’s tablet and record another friend dancing shirtless on the bench in the locker room. She was overheard “upload it to Instagram” or thereabouts.

I am not sure if my daughter was caught “on tape” or not, as the friend’s FATHER deleted the video from the tablet when the school called later that day to investigate (my daughter wasn’t able to tell anyone until after school had ended, as she didn’t want to be late to class for National Honors Society reasons).

School principal assured me this morning it was NOT shared, and was deleted, and corrective actions were being taken.


Found out today, friend who’s tablet it was posted it to Snapchat, sharing it with 4 boys in my daughter’s class. One of them told her. I don’t know the details of the conversation, as I have just been told by text as I am at work, but Mom and Daughter are on their way to the police station.

Still not sure if she was visible in the video, but if she was I want that (excuse my language, I’m venting here) little whore bitch and her friends expelled and the school to ban electronics brought from home. Right now they allow tablet style devices for educational purposes only, and if they have cameras they are not allowed in the gym areas but obviously security or monitoring of that rule is lax.


Ugh. Wife and daughter are at the police station. We’ll see how this goes...