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I'm pissed about the finish of the NASCAR race. NASCAR robbed Kurt Busch of the win because they felt there was something so dangerous on track that they had to call a caution with a lap and a half left. A LAP AND A FUCKING HALF! (I wanna know what the fuck it was) Then on the first GWC, Kyle Larson slid up and into the wall and the rear bumper cover flew off. Ok there is legit debris now. Then on the 2nd GWC, Biffle wrecks on the front stretch and NASCAR doesn't throw the yellow?!?! I love a good, exciting finish but the original finish was going to be fine. Kurt and Kevin were within .2 seconds of each other and were going to duel it out to the finish. Absolute bullshit.

Full disclosure: I am a Penske/Ford fan but man I hate to see a man get robbed.


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