Should’ve picked a different image. Fuck Integras, Fuck FWD, driving this thing is like pulling teeth

I know a lot of Oppos play the newer installments of these games (particularly Forza), but I’ve always been a Playstation owner. That meant a lot of missing out on some of the great racing titles, but no longer. I’ve got myself an original Xbox, I’ve beaten PGR 2 (my PGR 1 doesn’t work well), and I’m onto Forza 1. Hopefully I can move upwards and eventually get a newer Xbox for some newer games - Horizon particularly looks amazing.

Despite their age, these games hold up fairly well if you’re into that sort of thing. The physics are robust with proper over- and under-steer, and could teach a thing or two to today’s boring auto-drift bullshit. I miss the days where it was profitable to make a decent racing game without having to dumb it right down for the masses. And I miss the days where it was less about tuning, more about driving beautiful expensive cars. Today’s games are great, but ye olde style burns in my heart.

But jesus, the music in Forza 1 is corny.