Things that make me go hngggg (And that I would waste/am wasting way too much money on).

10/10 would buy a Monza Spyder.
AMC Eagle SX/4, or hell, even an AMC Spirit hatch! I’d love one.
I briefly owned a Nissan NX1600 and would love a Nissan NX2000.
I yearn for the day that I can find a Nice Nissan/Datsun King Cab with sweet 80s graphics.
My dad had an ‘87 Pathfinder when i was growing up. If someone found me a 2-door V6 4x4 with a stick that wasn’t rotted, I’d be in.


I’m already blowing a down payment on a house to fix one of these crap cans, so don’t even get me started.

Things I could care less about:

Would instantly sell it if gifted one.


I’d prefer a 914, thanks.
This is not an IROC so I don’t care.
If by “GT” you mean Ford Probe GT Turbo, then yes, I’ll take one.


Yeah I’m weird, I know.