Brought my engine home today. Where to begin?

The shop never replaced the plate that makes up my “hot air choke”, despite me specifically bringing a replacement. The bolts were siezed, which is why I asked a machine shop to take care of it. Supposedly my redneck fix of putting sheet metal screws is enough to “seal it fine” since there is a tube inside or something. They forgot to do it, then when I asked them to take care of it before I picked the engine up.I guess I am going to have to get someone else to fuck around with it, which would have been much easier while the intake manifold was off of the engine.

They snapped off my dipstick tube. “but it has a rust hole, so it needs replaced anyway” I just found this out today. 10$, whatever.

He had hooked my balancer back up to the engine yesterday, we lifted it in my friend’s truck, and drove home. We took it off the back of his truck with my hoist and set it down as we were unable to get it on the stand in it’s current position. After picking it back up, I hear a snap as the engine drops back to the ground. Fortunately, it was resting on the tire I was using to move it.

Fuck, what happened? The HF balancer break? the janky engine hoist?


No, the fucker didn’t tighten the bolt on the balancer. Mind you, he’s the one that put it in my friends truck initially.


The bolt ripped the last two threads out of the back of the block, as those were the only ones engaged. as the rest of the weight slammed on the alternator bracket on the other end, it snapped in two. fortunately, no cracks to the oil pan, although there is this huge slick in my driveway from it dumping out the aforementioned missing dipstick.


So... nobody got hurt. The engine itself is fine (as far as I can tell). However, this bracket is a part that isn’t reproduced. Or available used, apparently.

I’m furious at this point, so I go over there (and careful not to yell) and explain what happened, show pictures, the bolt, ect. Get the “we aren’t responsible for how you handle the engine” line, and tell him he is lucky I didn’t crush my foot. I ask for a new bracket, saying I didn’t snap the thing because I felt like it. He refuses. I ask him to repair it ( I am really fucking doubtful, as it’s cast aluminum) and he agrees. Supposedly I’ll have it tomorrow.


Boy, I sure am confident about my engine that’s toleranced to a thousandth of an inch. Why do I feel like I am going to end up in small claims court?

I am so sick of being at the mercy of others. It’s unavoidable.

I would also not recommend Brougher’s Machine shop of Pittsburgh.