Modern ones pretty much seat as many people as comfortably as a sedan. The ride comfortably and have torquy engines that don’t need to be revved to 3k on the interstate. When loading stuff into it, the sky and number of ratchet straps/bungee cords you have is the limit. Even 2wd trucks have very good off-road capability, compared to a sedan.

Really the only downsides to a truck over a sedan are handling and fuel economy, but I’m sure there’s plenty of sedans were that comparison is practically equal. Like a Dodge Charger or something.

Plus they have 90% of the features of a luxury car from ten years ago.

Then when you consider how popular crossovers are for normies (I’m using that term 64.2% ironically) It’s almost a no brainer, getting a truck over a CUV.

Apart from the gas thing. But I’d imagine the difference between a CUV and a V6 truck is probably pretty small.