In very slow stages.

Meet the thing and the two extra tools needed, a T30 bit and an E12 socket.

Another tool may be needed.

The thing ( a crank position sensor) needs to go under all this lot. So the fan has to be unplugged and unclipped, the intercooler under it has to come out and the throttle body (just to the left of the Smart logo) has to come out. First difficulty is that the throttle body is in the way so it has to come out before the intercooler. This is where the E12 socket comes in as the body is held in by four E12 bolts. Which is fine, except that the socket needs a ½” drive and I discover that no, I don’t have an adaptor for my ¼” driver and in any case the T30 bit is 3/8ths. So more shopping.


The bolts loosen easily enough, but the large hose has to come off. So you just loosen the jubilee clip and pull? Oh no. You have to prise the hose up at the edge and haul it off mm by mm. The other end is attached to the intercooler and secured by another jubilee clip. So just loosen this? Oh no. It’s facing down and towards the rear. You can see it appearing at the bottom of the lit square (actually the ground). Probably suits assembly workers installing the engine from below just fine. Those of us accessing it from above, rather less so. No, you can’t reach it from below without lifting the car.


So I’ll see what further ideas I have tomorrow ( a vice grip might reach it).