Edit #2: Hyundai’s official stance on my transmission issues: “that ain’t right”. I should have it back in a week or so with a new transmission. Fingers crossed.

So it continues... (edit: repost for the daytime crowd just to get some more oppoinions)

First, credit where credit is due: Hyundai have been nothing but fantastically accommodating and good people to work with. I’m not writing this to cause them a headache, I’m just trying to understand what’s going on here. On to the show. The vehicle in question is a 2014 Elantra GT, aka “the lukewarm hatch”.

~6k miles ago: short block replacement due to oil consumption causing #3 bearing to fail. Never found out where the oil went. Noted that the transmission was acting differently (1st shift lockout previously 15 mph, was now 0-5 mph temperature dependent, and a very faint intermittent ticking sound when the car was in neutral) immediately following the work. Assumed it was normal behavior following the engine-out service.

~5k miles ago: clutch disk failed/fragmented. Replaced pressure plate, throw out, etc. During the failure, the clutch worked at the beginning of the drive, then failed, then worked again later after the car sat for awhile. Didn’t get an explaination for that part.

Last Friday: clutch disk failed/fragmented, immediately after I heard an RPM dependent squeaking while in neutral, foot off clutch, at a red light. Same clutch pedal behavior- works, doesn’t, works. Car flat bedded to dealer. Replaced pressure plate, throw out, etc.


I went to pick up the car today. I noticed that upon releasing the clutch pedal after starting, that damn ticking/squeaking noise was still there and louder. I walked back into the dealer, said hello to the service manager again, and we both walked out and agreed something wasn’t right.

What are your thoughts? My replies to any questions are going to be delayed until tomorrow. (Edit: tomorrow is now today and I’ll be replying as I’m able) Thanks for your help.