Or if you want to buy and fix it, that’s cool too. Just want to see if y’all are interested before we do anything else with it. It mostly works, but it threw a code that means that there’s something weird with the motherboard. So basically when we’d put a load to wash it go for a bit but then the light would start blinking and it would stop. Otherwise everything is intact, if you’re good with motherboards you can fix that and have a working dishwasher. It’s pretty new, previous homeowners bought it new 2 years ago before we moved in and up until now there’s been no problems except for a stripped screw on one of the top rails, but that was fixed. The dishwasher is a Samsung DW80F600 Series model and I have the owners manual and installation guide too:


Comment with any questions or serious inquiries, I KNOW WHAT I HAVE NO LOWBALLERS ETC ETC lol. But for real though, if you’re interested let me know. I’ll give you price figures for stuff and more info and all that. Thanks Oppo.