i'm selling out.. (emotional photodump)

i know i don't post here often... but i'm thinking i'm going to sell the e34 and get an e36.

I love my e34 for so many reasons, and as a driving machine is IMO superior to the e36 in a ton of ways.... but there is no aftermarket for it. I've spent days trying to source interior parts, and weeks trying trying to put together a custom coilover suspension..


while watching e36 full carbon fiber body panels go for literally half the price as a beat-up bumper cover off an e34. There are countless companies selling creative and affordable upgrades for the e36, whereas with an e34, you're paying twice as much for used stock parts bought from ebay.foreign.sketch.de.. While not necessarily more desirable, my car is a little less common than an e36. In my area, there are a plethora of e36s, and they all share the same "driftbroplastidipisamod" mentality....


Oh well. Anyone want a 1995 530i? Or better yet.... anyone want to talk me out of it?


Most pics are potato pics... sry guys

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