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Let’s cook a thing.

I made some photos for a friend, to show how I make a Hamburg/Salisbury steak. But I’m so lazy I haven’t loaded them to the computer until just now when I woke up way too early and can’t back to sleep.

  • 1/2 pound hamburger meat
  • handful of pretzels
  • handful of a celery
  • egg
  • english mustard
  • Worcestershire sauce

Crush the pretzels, mince the celery stalk, open the egg, and mix these in a container. Add a squirt of the mustard, and a couple zings of W. Sauce. The mix thoroughly, with the meat.

phase 2:

  • onion
  • brown gravy mix
  • mashed potoads

Form meat mixture into patties, place in hot pan, brown patties on both sides. Once side two is browning, chop some onion and add into pan.

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After mixing and heating gravy according to packet instruction, introduce gravy to meat pan. Turn down heat. Add a shot of tomato ckeatchsup to gravy. Simmer until onions clear. Also mash potato. It can be an instant potato. No judging.


phase three

  • black pepper

Turn off heat. Put foods on plates. Black pepper as will to pepper demands it. Enjoy.

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(don’t forget the mustard, it’s super importo)

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