You all have no clue how elated I am with the prospect of Jaguar going hard in the electric luxury arena! The Jaguar I-Type 1 Formula E racecar is awesome and is the final clue needed to learn that the electric crossover will end up being called the I-Pace so that they can call the electric sedan the XI and a future electric sportscar the I-Type!

It’s just so epic to watch Jaguar bring their models downmarket in order to up the reliability, lower the cost of ownership, and even protect from such heavy depreciation. Adding to where they are positioning the brand currently and then realize that low slung batteries add to the Jaguar driving traits while increasing reliability and adding more competitive performance numbers. Jags are honestly pretty terrible off the line but have stupid, nasty, dirty acceleration from a roll. Seriously, if you ever get into a Jag, don’t accelerate from a stop since you’ll only be disappointed (assuming you’ve driven German cars). Be already moving then make a hard pass and you’ll see why people go crazy for these cars. Porsches are fast at all times, Jags are all about the prowl and pounce!

I’m wishing Jaguar nothing but success with the electric powertrains since Aston Martin, Bentley, and Rolls Royce are quickly going to find that they are in the worst positions for progressing forward unless they completely reimagine the brands (Bentley and Aston have shown the willingness but Rolls Royce worries me). I still think we are over a decade away from Jaguar returning to Le Mans though, but I do think a supercar will be here very soon.