Today is the first day I got to drive the M3 to school!

I got an alignment done (which I have to redo because the fuckhead who put the steering wheel "straight" didn't and I have to turn slightly right to go straight, derp) and everyone got to finally see it. It's nice to hear someone say it's the nicest car we've ever had in the shop. They're all jealous and that makes me a bit happy because they'd never be about the GMC.

I also fixed my front bumper. I was super lucky and we had GM body clips that fit perfectly into bumper and it looks so much better now. All nice and tucked up compared to how it was.

Tomorrow I guess I'll ask to pull her back in and fix the alignment and work on the back a bit since it's a little out and I didn't have time to do it today. I'll probably do a little once over as well just to see if it needs anything outside of the front struts.