One of the things that has been bugging me since I started selling Bimmers is the N20/N26 4-cylinder. I have no problems with a 4-cylinder BMW, I’m not one of those people that thinks anything with a rounded should come with a straight-6. In fact, I remember that everybody’s favorite M3 had a four-banger (something most people conveniently forget). But the 28i engine, frankly, sucks. Its sounds overly mechanical and not at all like a BMW should, and the response leaves a bit to be desired. I’m here to say, BMW it fixing things though, with this:

That is the B48. Starting in 2017, any Bimmers you see rolling around with the 30i designation has one of these bad boys. They don’t sound the same as the old straight six, but now has a distinctive growl befitting the ultimate driving machine, and while BMW claims it only has 8 more horsepower, the car feels more linear and now pulls all the way through the rev band. I’m proud to say, 4-cylinder Bimmers are now competitive again!