Personal Crap Below.

So Monday afternoon I drive home from school, place my keys and wallet on my kitchen table, run to the bathroom then proceed to leave for a hardware store run. I come back from the bathroom to only find my wallet, no keys. So as I was in a hurry, I grabbed my spare set. that night my brother was on his way home for his birthday dinner with his new Subaru. Things were a bit hectic, lot going on. I have been using my spare set since Monday, tonight my mom finds my keys in her water glass. My dad somehow placed them in the ice machine. They went through the machine and now my oppo keychain is missing and my keys are mangled. By some grace of god my flash drive still works though.

A little background: To say my dad is a bit eccentric is like saying the sun is a bit hot. He is borderline autistic. He grew up entitled and wealthy, raised by nannies and instilled with the "if its broke, buy a new one" mentality. So he has no respect for material objects or other people really. He also has such a short fuse that he went on this 10 minute rant that also included some farm animal noises when he dropped a fork on the floor straight out of the dishwasher. He also has short term memory issues. When he is preparing for something, he tends to forget where he puts things and they usually turn up in interesting places. Like once after dinner I found my sunglasses in the china cabinet. How do I know he put them there even though he doesnt remember doing it? He was the one that put away the wine glasses. Same with this situation. He was going in and out of the freezer that night, he could have been the only one that put them there.

Now here lies the rub, if it were just my keys I'd go get a new set cut. But he destroyed my Oppo keychain, I love that thing. I really, truly cared about it. and he's defaulting blame on me for "leaving my stuff around". I'm so upset because he cant fathom how much I cared for that keychain and hes expecting me to pay for a new one. Why cant he just try to understand and pay the $7.50 to PetarVN's Mom's etsy shop and apologize for his mistake? He has no understanding of other peoples feelings and thats a problem because he also doesnt want to understand.

Now I could just move out and not have to deal with this. Except Im chronically ill, I take 26 medications daily and the cost of those are through the roof. At this rate I wont be able to afford to move out until I'm 35. So at the moment this is me:


And It sucks. My only outlet for the stress of my situation is to gripe on the internet and I wish I could actually change my situation, but apparently biology had a different plan for me