Confession time: I don’t have Netflix (yes I know combined with the fact that I still have basic cable that’s actually legally being paid for I fail as a Millennial). This means obviously I can’t watch Netflix shows. Which means even if I did get what the big deal is I’m kind of left out. But seriously someone please explain to me why it’s big news every time Netflix comes out with a new series that we have to treat it like the end-product of Community and Arrested Development having some dirty sexy fun time (BTW those are also two other shows I don’t really much care for and think are overhyped).

Now, I’m a big science fiction nerd, and I think JJ Abrams’ best movie so far is Super 8, so I can get that I’m sorely missing out on Stranger Things (even though I managed to solve all the mysteries without even watching it) and that show’s actually pretty high on the list. But every thing else is...meh? Take the mockumentary posted above that Gizmodo/iO9 (or what passes for it) featured recently. Mockumentaries...with few exceptions, tend to be far more clever than they think and it’s getting close to the point where I’m starting to think the entire genre is a bane on Millennial-focused and overly-beloved entertainment. The Office (both of ‘em) was ok. Parks and no Office (there I said it). Modern way past its due and is only renewed every year because ABC knows without it their entire Wednesday night lineup would collapse and with it almost their entire sitcom output (and the show suffers immensely for it).I also think a big part of a mockumentary’s success is how much a viewer can actually bother to relate to it (hence Office and early ModFam’s success) and mascoting...well I guess it’s a good thing Netflix can flexibly appeal to a niche audience. But that only brings up another thing - why should we feel obligated to cheer on a show with non-universal, niche appeal?

This is why I stopped reading Morning Spoilers and after a while iO9 entirely, because after a while it just became endless discussion of comic books and heroes that were treated as universal knowledge that I hadn’t either heard of nor cared for. Oh, and on that subject, not everyone is universally in love with Marvel’s cinematic/television output either (including the Netflix exclusives). For that matter I stopped watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. about halfway through its second season and completely ignored all the claims of but it’s good now! because everytime I go back to it...yeah, not really.

Oh, and this was also a Netflix exclusive (and produced by the television arm of Steven Freakin’ Spielberg’s studio no less):

So, yeah, someone explain to me why Netflix is treated like Network God over all the other networks.


Also I’m greatful Jacob Hope Chapman exists, if he was still a woman I’d gladly have his babies and of course I respect his gender/sex choice. Yes he’s transgender, given Oppo’s own transgender population I doubt that’s a problem. But I’m just so glad someone else thinks the Marvel Cinematic Universe is so deeply overrated.