So Ive been looking for a new DD thats slightly more robust than the MR2 but is still good fun to drive and somewhat quick. Now Ive been stuck on the idea of the Celica GT-S because, well its a Toyota thats significantly younger than the MR2 so Im happy with the robust/reliability aspect of it. Plus, after autocrossing in GS for the past 3 years Ive come to know that, well at least until the FoST and FiST came along and Ford made a shady deal with the SCCA, that the GT-S was pretty much the car to have in GS so therefore it qualifies for the fun to drive and somewhat quick aspect.

BUT, and the but here is a big one, almost everytime I see a Celica, its usually got a fart can on it and can generally be classified as rice. Now Toyota didnt really help here as they gave the Celica some pretty agressive looks and wings that the car really didnt deserve, thus making the wannabe boy racers love it. Now I know that its a pretty capable car but I just dont know how I feel about getting myself into this particular set of owners, such as the ones that do this sort of thing.

Plus, the Celica forums are a very scary place to visit after the MR2 and 318ti forums. Gah. Then on the plus side again, its got a 6 speed, revs to the moon, is small, light, reasonably practical, has nice seats and comes in yellow. WHY MUST THIS BE SO HARD?!