I'm tired of the mindless drivers on the commute to work. I leave an hr early each day just so I can enjoy the drive a little bit more. It takes my commute from an hr and a half to possibly 2-3+ hr drive, to an hr and 10 min.

There are still idiots who cut you off for absolutely no reason and mindless truck drivers, but the conditions are better.


Today I sat in 45 minutes of traffic because the bags of flesh that drive these beautiful machines are complete idiots. I seriously sat in 45 minutes for, wait for it, a broken down car on the shoulder. No lanes were impeded. A cop was behind the car, I assume waiting for a two truck; which was probably stuck in the masses with me.

People were taking the 30 seconds to gawk and try to figure out what the commotion was instead of focusing on the task at hand.

I've seen at least 16 accidents in the last three weeks and countless broken down cars. Most of the broken down cars do not cause this type of commotion, but that is an insane amount of accidents to see in a year let alone a few weeks. Some worse than others, but needless to say they all caused hours upon hours of back up, whether it be a fender bender, or a serious collision. http://oppositelock.jalopnik.com/head-on-collis…

For daily commuting I'm a 100% for autonomy. What are your thoughts? Does your daily commute drive you up the wall?

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