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I'm sorry this has nothing to do with cars, but help me choose a cellphone.

So, my iPotato5 no longer lasts a full day. I'm 23, on my dad's family plan, and would like to not have to lock him into another two years of my mooching come January. That said, I'd like to get something that'll last me.

The MotoX is on sale, non-contract for 350 right now for a 32gig model. Pretty awesome deal I think. The deal only lasts today and tomorrow. From what I've heard, this is a phenomenal Android phone.


I've been an Apple guy for a long time, but really won't want to shell the cash out for an iPhone 6 off-contract when it comes out, assuming it'll be expensive as always. While I'm fairly vested in the Apple ecosystem, it's real easy to diversify these days. I can also get around 220 if I sell my iPhone to a site like Gazelle or something.

Android's come a long way in my eyes, and the MotoX shines for me because it's as close to a pure Google experience without being a Nexus 5 (not on Verizon..).


Anyone made the switch from iOS to Android, while having an iPad and MacBook Pro? Tell me your experiences, likes/dislikes.

I don't have a picture, but I saw a Maserati MC12 drive down Greenwich Ave the other day. I nearly fainted and started to chase it. There's my contribution :)

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