I'm spending Father's Day in a manual CTS-V wagon...

A few weeks back, I posed the random question to Oppo: If I go with my friend on a road trip to pick up a CTS-V wagon he wants to buy, do I blog it? I guess it was a bit of a dumb question, since this is Oppo after all, and who doesn’t want to see some V-wagon.

Well, I managed to get the chance... despite being lucky enough to have a wife and two children at this point in my life, I got even luckier to be invited on (and allowed to take) a road trip over Father’s Day weekend. On Thursday, I drove from my home in CT to my friend Rob’s house in Washington D.C. On Friday we picked up a rental and drove to my brother’s in Columbus OH, and yesterday from Columbus through Indianapolis, St. Louis, and to Springfield, MO. This morning, he officially bought the car in Bentonville, AR (Home of Wal-Mart, if you cared) and are currently in the car now (at the moment in southeast MO), driving to Bowling Green, KY tonight.

I’ll post more pics and write more tonight or tomorrow, depending when I get around to it.

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