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I'm starting to hate my friend.

To be honest, though, he's not so much a friend as he is the friend of my friends younger brother. I felt bad for him, because he only has a couple friends, so I let him hang out with us one summer a couple years back.

Now I cant get rid of him. He does not seem to understand that I have a job during the week, no matter how many times I explain it to him. He lives with his parents, and wants to get out of the house, I get that, but when I have to get up at 5AM, I dont want him over here until midnight. The only way to make him take a hint is to write it on a brick and smash him in the face until get gets it.


Here is the current reason I want to murder him. He wants me to change out a hub assembly, and all upper and lower ball joints on his truck, AS PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE. I did a hub assembly for him last summer, it was making some grinding noise and I thought I would be nice. He bought the part, and I put it in for nothing on the weekend. Now, every other week he wants me to change parts on his truck. He is not rolling in money either. He works as a security guard on the weekends. His truck has a rattle, he wants me to replace things. It feels slow, he wants me to replace the fuel pump. It has rust on the cab corner, he wants me to fix it. I have no idea how to do body work. I deal with hard parts. I keep telling him no, partly because I dont want to do work that does not need to be done, and partly because I'm not getting paid. If he needs something done, some actual problem fixed, I'll do it.

He's a good kid though, so I cant be too mean. When he comes by I make him help move heavy things. Hes a farm kid, so hes like 7 feet tall and can lift a car. I had him lift up a chevy smallblock once so I could get a cradle under it. And I'm pretty sure he took out a spark plug with his fingers once. Like, 99% sure. I could not get it with the ratchet, took off *with the ratchet* to find a pipe that fit on the handle, and when I came back, he was turning it out with his fingers. I run a clean garage, no tools laying about he could have used. I asked him about it and he said it was loose enough to unthread.


TL;DR- I need to make him go away and I need to be nice.

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