The building next to mine is frequently used by those with Section 8 vouchers, and there is a near constant stream of tenants moving in and out of there. I’ve talked to many of them, even had some as my customers, and for the most part they’re fine individuals. But this latest group is doing something that cannot be considered acceptable, poor or not.

Between the two buildings is a fenced off area with the power meters and air conditioning units for my building. I don’t have a key, nor does anyone else in my building. There is one window out to that area in my building, in my stairwell, and I don’t even know if it opens since it is inaccessible without a ladder. The building next door has a couple of windows that open to this area, and that’s where the problem stems.

Rather than doing the right thing by taking their garbage down to the dumpster, they just throw it out their windows into this inaccessible area. WTF, people? Whilst I can’t see it from inside my unit I can see it every time I walk up the front steps. And trash is just going to attract rodents and the like. I haven’t seen my landlord in ages, but considering how he’s been ignoring the place lately (forgetting to pay the water bill and letting the service get cut off, not changing HVAC filters for 2 years, etc.) I’m not sure if I can count on him for help.

Tacky, lazy, no class. Thanks dickweeds...