I'm Staying With My Last BMW Z4/Toyota Supra Speculation

If youre wondering why I haven’t speculated on the Supra/Z4 in awhile it’s because I’m still feeling on target with this speculation from November. I still say that this BMW-Toyota partnership is all about a mild-hybrid powertrain that will be introduced in the Bimota Zupra (specifically the Z4 M50i).

Yes, I’m even sticking to the Supra being priced from $33k at the bare end. I’m also sticking with BMW using an “M50i” branding for this, the next 3-Series, and every vehicle getting this 370 hp or 380 hp mild hybrid I6 which will only be paired to an automatic and be tuned up for the next M cars.


All of this is just speculation from a Kia Amanti owner.

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