I turn to the great hive mind of Oppo to try and figure out if my wife's T&C is on its way to being well & truly fubar'd or if this is an easily fixable issue. Earlier this month, the van started to leak coolant beneath the radiator, not much, but maybe a quart - 1/2 gallon every 7 - 10 days or so. I put the van up on stands and took a peak, and didn't see any obvious cracks in the radiator itself, but couldn't immediately trace the leak to anything specific. A few weeks ago, she drove it to her parents house, where her dad, noticing the leak, put some of that wondrous "Stop Leak" into the radiator. Well, it stopped the leak, all right, but the radiator is still losing fluid, but I don't see any steam from the radiator nor fluid on the ground when she parks it after driving it. The temp gauge, by the way, stays perfectly in the middle after warming up, never overheating. The reservoir tank was staying full, even though the radiator itself was very low on fluid, as I'd pop the cap and check every few days, and have to top the radiator up. I pulled the tube from the radiator itself to the reservoir tank tonight, and it was plugged with that stupid stop leak crap, so I blew it out with some compressed air. I also noticed that the top radiator hose was compressed from vacuum before I opened the radiator cap. That can't be good. My next move is to undo the top & bottom hoses and see if they are sincerely plugged up. After that, probably a new radiator. Any ideas? Much appreciated. Here's a pic of the drop dead sexy T & C. (not the actual car, but a dead ringer for it).