I'm such a nice guy

I have this in my driveway:

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A 1999 Rodeo LS. My best friend has a 1997 4Runner that, despite Toyota’s best efforts, is rusted to hell and falling apart at the seams.

I put together a GoFundMe because he keeps throwing money he doesn’t have at a vehicle that should be put out of its misery. Did I mention it has 335k on it? Yeah, that.


So another friend decided to forego cash and donate her old car. That’s what I’m working on. It has about 200k so it’s not great, but it is leagues better than his 4Runner. So far I’ve replaced the sway bar links, glass lifts, brakes and downstream O2 sensor. I fixed the sunroof and HVAC switchgear. Tomorrow we fix the fuel sending unit and give it a good clean. Afterward, get a battery and it’s good to go (as good as I’m gonna get it at least).

I just wanted to tell y’all what I’m doing with my weekend.

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